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"The secret to content marketing: speak to the heart of the customer."

Tom Peeters, CEO of Mediaforta

Client story Securitas

Our approach:


First, we need a good understanding of your goals and your customers. So we’ll start by asking you to give us a short training course in your brand and your business. We dive into existing research and analyse all available data.

Content analysis, Google Analytics, analysis of existing research

Strategic plan

We take a results-oriented approach and think through a client’s commercial and financial objectives with them. Together with you, we lay the foundations on which to build a successful content marketing campaign.

Strategic plan with clear KPIs and ROI, buyer persona, buyer journey

Developing content channels

In this phase we set up a blog, create a newsletter template and select the social media channels we're going to be using to share your content.

Setting up a blog, social media channels, email templates, landing pages, etc.

Relevant content creation

A content calendar is put together based on a number of specific parameters: objectives, budget, target group, SEO, timings, formats, content funnel, etc. Once the calendar is locked down, we can start on content creation.

Blog posts, social media posts, white papers, webinars, videos, infographics, keyword analysis, etc.

Building an audience

The content is promoted to the target group to build an audience of relevant readers.

SEA, email marketing, promoted posts, retargeting, display advertising, link building, influencers, CTA, etc.

Conversion and nurturing

We set up marketing automation, convert and nurture our audience and generate new leads for your company.

Marketing automation (Hubspot), segmentation, workflows, CTA, landing pages, lead scoring, etc.

Results analysis

We continuously collect and analyse oodles of data and adjust our strategy as necessary.


Content marketing can have a big impact on your organisation, so it's important to spend sufficient time working with the internal team responsible for this.

training, process development

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