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Client stories


Client story Securitas

Client story Securitas


Client story Luminus

Client story Luminus

Pittman Seafoods

Pittman is a Belgian family SME, with about 30 employees, specialising in frozen fish products. In 2014, Pittman realised that focusing on digital content marketing could strengthen their relationship with their existing clients. It also enabled them to share their knowledge and expertise with their clients and position them as an industry expert. Pittman chose us as its partner.

At Mediaforta, we are responsible for:

  • Executing e-mail marketing
  • Creating a blog
  • Delivering content in four languages

Further information about our content-related activities

Further information about our inbound marketing approach


Microsoft develops, distributes, licences and supports a broad range of computer-related products and services. The company also has a well visited website (msn.com) with plenty of lifestyle content about fashion, gossip, food and going out, among other topics. Microsoft was looking for an external content partner who could create daily content and also upload it onto its various platforms. At Mediaforta People, we provided a team of 7 editors who developed content 7 days a week and put it online.

At Mediaforta, we were responsible, for both MSN Belgium and MSN Switzerland, for:

  • Developing the content, both in Dutch and in French
  • Providing the required images for the content
  • Uploading the content

Further information about our content-related activities

bPost International

A part of bpost, Bpost International carries out international parcel deliveries and offers a variety of e-commerce solutions. Bpost was looking for a content partner that understood their business and could translate that knowledge into relevant content for their international target audience. Their main aim was to bring their thought leadership to the attention of existing clients and prospects. Bpost International chose us as their content partner to achieve this goal.

At Mediaforta, we were responsible for:

  • Producing blog posts in four languages
  • Producing white papers in four languages

Further information about our content-related activities

Case video:

Client story Pittman Seafoods

Client story Pittman Seafoods


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